Vice Principal's Message

Once during my school days, I was taken to MP Birla Planetarium where I saw a stage show based on experiments related to effect of damp oscillation, pressure-area effect, explosion of balloon filled with hydrogen gas. The contrast in the methods of explaining the scientific principles there and convention methods which are mostly followed elsewhere inspired me to become a teacher like those performers on the stage. My first success in the field of teaching was: exemplary and unprecedented results of class – XII Chemistry, then making students get first position in CBSE Science Exhibition, after that Won International School Award for Outstanding Implementation of International Curriculum by British Council, received grants for ATAL TINKERING LABORATORY and many more.

With each such contribution I was recognized as Dean (Academics), Vice Principal. The responsibility which I attract for myself has a triangular cycle : First I contribute in an innovative manner, then I get recognized and then again I contribute in a more innovative manner and in this way the altitude of the triangular cycle keeps rising higher. In each of the above phase of cyclic growth I get new people, new situation and new challenges to overcome. Interestingly, the gradient of new situation per cycle is fading, probably because most of the frequently occurring situations are being handled so far. I believe in continuous professional and personal development by formal training and application of the concepts learnt, so, I keep learning from various institutions like – IIM – Rohtak, British Council, Coursera.  As the altitude goes higher in every cycle of responsibility, position and contribution with innovation, the attitude and value helps to perform like a pro. Training bridges the gap of years of experiential learning and hence I invest in self learning, trained learning, and experiential learning along with unlearning and relearning too. The mantra of making leaders around me is to make people learn – “Why to learn?” Rest of the positive changes will take place on its own. 

Best Wishes,

Uttam Chatterjee