Play Station


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – the saying that has the insight ogf generation of parents and teachers holds good even today. Thus all learning at the primary level should be interspersed with play. Hence the need for playstations . The newly installed play station at GURU NANAK PUBLIC SCHOOL ,Pitampura has such a unique facility in the capital which has no parallel in the north-west zone. It is a colourful challenging and thrilling experience.

A long awaited dream came true for years our institution had had a mind to create such a facility by setting up a playstation for the tiny tots.Its main objectives to cater the children’s recreational needs and help them to learn in a playway method. The playway method is essentially “CHILD CENTERED”. It serves as a natural way for children to express ideas and feelings as well as to explore and understand the world around them.It also helps them to build social relations with other children by providing them opportunities to in a stress free enviornment and they rediscover their inner strength in building up a humane world. Installing of the play equipments offers an “INNOVATIVE APPROACH” where by the integrated deveopment of the children takes place without feeling the burden of the curriculum. It arouses child’s interest which is the step in learning through play which is source of unlimited joy.

Our play pen with its new playstation is colourful and exclusive paradise with an enchanting ecofriendly environment that will capture everyone’s imagination. It has spiral, tunnel, wave and deluxe slides , swings, sea-saws, loop rungs, a moulded plank bridge , a swing bridge , a rocket climber and colourful canopies. In the past climbing trees and jumping of them was a game for children. Now these simple activites are replaced by more complex activities by induction of the modern technology.

These facilities instill high ‘PLAY VALUES’ like cooperation , friendship , sportsman ship , leadership , compassion for needy and team spirit among children. The play station is selected on the basis of the strong quality , durabitlity and loading capacity.It has been made colourful to atrract children and also its moulded design protects children from injuries.


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